Why is not all browsers working on Daniweb? I refere to Chrome, Safari a.o. Seams like all Javascript generatet UI is messed up, like it's using a font not aviable. Are the UI using fonts not aviable/standard on the most common OS? This seam to result in a lot of problems with the daniweb layout in general.

What do you mean by "messed up"? Can you upload a screenshot so I can see what you're talking about?

Hi, Here are two snapshots - from Safari and Firefox. Both has issues. However, important to notice: on my second comp - a totally clean Macbook Pro Daniweb looks perfect - also in Safari. I've noticed that this problem occures also on jsfiddle.net - where others have same problem.
Only difference on my two comps is that one is a developing comp, and therefor has some javascript or tools that might differ from a "standard" javascript install. I suspect this is the cause, but can't figure it out. So, I'm trying to locate the core to this problem. If anyone need Daniweb, it's developers before any :)

OK, this is quite embarrasshing, but this has to be mentioned to others. Since Mac and OSX is such a workhorse that rarely chrasches and doesn't need to be restarted often (like 3 months for my comp) things can go insane. Apple updated their javascript framework around 22nd this month, without mention the need of a restart. To actually force this update to activate you need to restart your Mac. Just do that (it's fun once a year) and everything is clean and neat - also on daniweb.com, jsfiddle.net and more.
So, queen of my nightmares - don't use energy on this idiotic "user-error". Keep the good stuff comming!