I got a message this morning from a mod that had deleted a duplicate post. Which is all fair enough....Except I never saw the duplicate post in question. When I went to check the thread this morning, sure enough my original post was still there so sat bemused that I'd managed to double post without actually realising.

When I got back to the parent screen (C#) I noticed that the thread said it had 0 replies. Thinking it was a caching issue, I refreshed. Still 0. Went into the thread and my post was still there. Refreshed again. Post still there.

I have now cleared my browser cache and the post and 0 reply count still remains. Do you want to take a look at it?

The thread in question: http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/csharp/threads/472065/multicast-using-tcp-port-in-c-sharp

I also see 0 in the C# forum list. Looks like it was deleted twice, thus affecting the reply count :D

I'll try to check this out tomorrow but it might be a few days.

I'm moving into my new office tomorrow, and about to head to bed for a big moving day.

The duplicate did exist Ket, as it was I who flagged it.

I wonder if two people tried deleting it at the same time? I'm not sure why it ended up at 0, but I'm retallying the counters now.

Looks like the counter issue is a caching issue, but it's a caching issue on my end, which means that refreshing isn't going to fix anything.

Oh, also, the counter stats aren't just on the listing page. They're also in the top right when reading a thread.