idk if this goes here, but i accidently a while ago pressed "do not receive email replies anymore from daniweb" something like that button in one of the replies i got to a discussion i had. i want it activated back, but i dont know how. i only want for now emails from threads I make, because i cant distinguish easily if i got a reply or not receiving other emails from the whole website topics by checking the "subscribe to emailing list in edit profile.

so how can i redo that function?

Click on 'Edit Profile' at the top of any page. (Or click this link. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the little checkbox.

which one?

Receive Occasional Community-related Email?
Subscribe to Mailing List? (Allows you to read and contribute posts via email; Functions like bidirectional Listserv email discussion group; Expect a lot of email and to set up rules from within your email client to filter and sort)

I clicked both last time and i started getting so many emails that arent releated to my thread. For now, i only want replies i get to MY discussion/thread.

You want to check Receive Occasional Community-related email. You'll also want to check the one that says to automatically watch articles that you post in.

Not the mailing list :) That's going to be what was sending you soooo much email.


So i did what dani told me, but I have recieved no replies TO MY email even though there were new replies here when i clicked watchd topics for me. how come?

Are you watching this article?

ok for some reason i started getting the emailing to work. maybe it takes 24 hrs or something to adjust?

but yeah, thanks for the help, i got it to send emails again.