I just checked my profile, and indeed, it shows my correct e-mail address, however, the e-mail I got from you concerning the live chat session was sent to my outgoing address, which will cease to function at the end of this month.

Perhaps you have some type of email forwarding set up? That's rather strange. We do keep a record of the original email you used to sign up on the site, for anti-spam compliance, but I just reread all of the code that goes into sending out the emails and it isn't referenced anywhere! So odd, but you're not the first person who has mentioned this to me recently, so I'm wondering if there really is a bug on our end after all. I'll look into it again a bit later today.

Curious. your mail 12/7 was sent to my new address as was the e-mail telling me that you had replied to my thread. The implication that comes from that observation is that my e-mail address is stored (at least) twice in different locations, updating one does not update both. That may help you track the problem down.

Yes, your original email address is stored in a table of new members we never reference. We always should be pulling from the single location that does get updated ... you're saying that it was the email above the live chat session that got sent to the wrong place? Can you confirm if there was anything else? I can't seem to get to the bottom of this :(

Oooh I just realized what it could be! You might have two separate accounts with us, one with your old email and this one with your current one.

Can you shoot me a private message with both email addresses and I'll look it up in the database and see if that's the case?

I do, indeed, have two accounts, and one, still had my old address, which I have now changed. Earlier this year, I asked for both accounts to be deleted, but this has clearly not happened.

...and this was posted from my other account.