Is there way to enable the mail function without access to php.ini?

The mail function was disable by my hosting provider, and there is no way to enable it because it was shared hosting.

I already search in google how to enable mail function, but got nothing.

I was thinking if it can be enable using htaccess or in ini_set() but i dont know how.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

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The mail function was disable by my hosting provider

Am sure all options are disabled. Probably your only option is to use PHPMailer in combination with a Google account for example.

Try this code in php : ini_set('sendmail_from','admin@tutorialsscripts.com')

commented: Jeez don't tell peole to break their terms of use, that is NOT helping -3

Thank you very much for the help.

Before you break the EULA of your hosting package, make sure you understand the consequences.
You may, lose your site
You may, be responsible for all ISP costs in rectifying
External handling is a better option
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