Hi there! i need your help regarding BIOS password not working on my emachine(also known as e-system) ei3103 notebook laptop, the issue is not that i have forgotton my password, i am applying correct password but its not accepting it, when i give it 3 times, then i get 'System Disabled' message with some error code.Perhaps i could fix it if i have not applied the same password not only for entering in BIOS, but i also applied it on system start up, so can not even boot it from the CD as first boot device option setting (as i did not set it earlier),i have found CMOS clear guide on internet by removing internal battery Cell(even for more than 20 minutes) but it did not solve my problem, i can not even boot it from CD to use any CMOS clear software from it, as the first boot device was harddisk.Then i used a guide to remove RAM and short circuit two points under it to clear CMOS but it did not work as well, guide here:

please any body help me how to fix the problem?any suggestion will be appreciated with thanks !

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When something like this happens, the first thing you do is a full system reset - usually by shutting down the system cold, removing the battery (and no wall-plug connection), and then holding the power button down for some period of time (10 seconds to 1 minute). If after reinstallation of the battery and rebooting the system you still can't get in, then you need to do a full cmos/flash wipe. In that case, you will have to pull the keyboard to get to the motherboard, and (again with system shut down and battery removed) short out a couple of pins for a few seconds. Which pins depend upon the motherboard and you will probably need to get that information from the e-machines support web site. They may have better advice on how to do that for you.

hi rubberman ! thanks for the help, yes you are right, but i have tried all ways i know, which is online and which you have told here, but nothing works, its strange !even there is message something like 'checksum error, default set' which is said that its about the cmos flashed success message which means that your cmos is flashed and cleared, i got this message many time, but when i let it go ahead, there is same password input message, which don't accept anything, now it seems for me that i will have to consult its Service Guys or take it there, but i have come to know its strange stupid thing, which should not happen in motherboards.

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