Hi Dani,

I pushed the cash button one month ago and since then the status is Last Cash Out: Pending for $21.63, is there something wrong? I remember there was a bug related to the reward system:

I wonder if it's the same bug or bug similar to it

maybe the program is on-hold. havent seen any other information lately.

It's not a bug. Our web traffic has just been super crappy lately, advertising revenue is down, and donations are way down too. The pool in which we pay cashouts comes primarily from donations, with a little bit extra thrown in from ad revenue to cover everything. Unfortunately, what happened was when the bug was fixed last month, suddenly everyone cashed out all at once, and I am waiting for my PayPal balance to replenish enough in order to pay everyone who requested a cashout. (It's all automated ... every Friday it checks to see if there's enough $ in order to process all the cashouts, and if not, it tries again the following Friday).

Ok, no problem. Thanks for your reply!

Don't worry cereal, a Horowitz always pays her debts...


Yes, I'm sure of that too. However, I made my question because from user point of view is not much clear how the reward system works, last month came out there was a bug that didn't allowed the submission of cash requests. Now it was in pending status for a month. Since there is not a FAQ which explains these aspects of the system, I thought it was time to ask. Dani explained the reason very well, that's why I'm thankful to her.

If my question sounded rough, I'm sorry about that. Bye!

As mentioned, there was a bug last month that was preventing people from requesting a cashout. As soon as the bug was fixed, everyone suddenly requested a cashout all at once! That's why it's taking a long time for me to get all the funds together to pay it all out.

This is also a good explanation as to why the system was designed for points to expire after a year. It's not feasable for us to allow someone to accumulate points over the course of many years and then suddenly cashout five years of points all at once.


Dani I received the cash out, thanks! Now there is a problem, in the reward page, I get:

Currently Available for Cash Out 3219

but, since when I pressed the cash button (six weeks ago), I collected only ~1000 points, not 3219, at the moment it seems the system is including the previous cashed points.

Besides, the cash out was for $21.63 and this is what I received, but the reward page returns it was for $34.10 which is the payment of June 2014, here's a screenshot:


OK, thanks. Will look into this.

It wasn't really a bug, but rather a weird effect due to the way that I expire points. Regardless, it's been rectified.

Great Dani! :)

I got my email to cash out my five dollars. I shall allow it to bounce back to you though so you can run your servers for 20 minutes longer!

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I really love your site Dani. Just discovered it. I'm a big fan. :)

Awesome. Thanks so much.


Dani the reward system is showing the wrong information:


The available points should be around ~1100 not 3363. Last cash out information instead is correct.