Hi folks,
Right after setting up my account on DW, I edited my profile and specified a username (to INSPIREDNZ). It said the username was changed.
I then noticed that on my first post my username was something else (jonathan_17). Thinking my username change perhaps didn't go through, I attempted to change it again. It was notified it can only be changed once in the lifetime of the account. So it looks like it did go through, and yet it's not showing up.

Where do I turn to get something like that resolved? The contact us page provides no support related contact details.


Dani will, I'm sure, investigate what could have gone wrong - thanks for letting us know. I have changed the username for you in the meantime.

Hmm ... this was definitely a bug that we had in the past, but I've fixed it. I'm not sure why your username change didn't go through. I'll check the error log and see if anything comes up.

Sorry, I forgot to update this thread. I checked the other day and could find nothing in the error log pointing to anything not working. The fact that happygeek was able to make the change on your behalf should be fine.