everytime I set the checkbox to get community related e-mails and update the profile, it seems to work and if it occurs an event I get the notification, but if I close the window and come back the option is again unchecked and I don't get anymore notifications.

Dani, if you recall, I have already written about this to you via PM, couple of weeks ago and, at that time, we thought it was my oversight, but it seems the same issue as, after those tests, it never worked again.

OK, I am able to reproduce it. I will investigate :)

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Bug fixed.

It works, thank you as always Dani!

Hello Dani,

I hate to say that, but it is not solved, same issue ;(

Are you sure?? I was able to reproduce the problem. I figured out what the cause was. I changed some code. And I am no longer able to reproduce it for me.

Well, okay, I was sure about it but not anymore, I updated my profile after your last message and now is still checked, so it seems fine.

No luck Dany, now it is again unchecked :(

You're not hitting the refresh button or anything, are you?

You're not hitting the refresh button or anything, are you?

No no, Dani.

Look, to test, three hours ago I logged into my old account (_1), there the option was still checked so I watched this thread: as expected, I received a notification on your update. It does not work on cereal, the setting here disappears.


Dani it seems it was my Chromium browser, I checked the option through Mozilla Firefox and now (48h later) is still kept. I don't undertand the reason, as it should be a simple POST request and I haven't seen such issues on other websites. However, I realized that my system has not upgraded Chromium in the last month, there could be a relation (?)

For now I mark it solved, thank you :)