Hello guys
Am not fimiliar with windows server 2008 enviroment but I learned few things last days, I want to create mail service to send and recieve messages localy, between two or three computers just for learing.
How can i achieve that ?
Am using windows server 2008
Tried hmailServer and Visundo but no luck
Is there any missing configration i should do??

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Here is Microsoft's page on setting up their sendmail service - free and easy to use: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa577662.aspx

FWIW, we use that at Panasonic for our Windows MES servers.

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POP3 is Post Office Protocol version 3 that is a “standard mail protocol”. It is typically used to receive emails from the remote server to the local email client. It lets you download email messages on one local computer. Also, read them even when you are offline.

Using POP3 to connect to the email account, then the messages download locally & remove from the servers. It means that when you access your account from multiple locations, then it may not best option. When you use POP3, then the messages are stored on your local computer that simply reduces the space on the web server. Further, POP3 works on two ports, i.e., Port 110 & Port 995.

On the other hand, IMAP, SMTP both also work for the same.


If you want to get deep into mail processing, scrap the windows box, and go with a linux solution, such as CentOS, and learn postfix. Then, as you continue learning about email, look at the MailScanner package which will send you into the world of antivirus scanning, blacklist scanning, and other spam fighting techniques.

Also note that POP3 on 995 is POP3s, or the ssl encrytped port. You will need some sort of certificates to get that to work.

I would also study IMAP as it is a cleaner multi-device email protocol. POP is nice if you have a single user checking from a single box. IMAP is much cleaner for multi device checking... computer, cell phone, tablet.


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