Just submitted a reply to https://www.daniweb.com/programming/threads/506291/recursion-call-on-exit at roughly 3 pm California time (15 minutes ago) using Windows 10 Chrome. It's either lost or there is an extremely long delay. I was watching carefully. I know I pressed the right button ("Submit Your Reply"), I know there was no error message after that, I know my post disappeared from the text box after I pressed "Submit Your Reply", and I'm sure there was no popup warning me that my post would disappear and was I sure I wanted to leave the page. It appears to be gone. I've also noticed (recently on my phone - Android Chrome) that when I accidentally hit "Back" on the browser, I no longer get the popup asking whether I want to leave or stay if I'm in the middle of a post. Interestingly enough, sometimes those posts aren't lost. When I maneuver back to the page, my text is in the box again. But not always. Just tried it here on Windows 10 Desktop Chrome and the "Are you sure you want to leave?" popup came up as usual.

Anyway, if you find that post floating in the database somewhere, please post it to that thread.

Unfortunately your post has been lossed. Chalk it up to a weird network glitch and, in the future, whenever you take a long time to write a post, copy it to the clipboard before hitting submit just in case.

We have made some JavaScript changes lately so maybe clearing your browser cache might help any inconsistencies?

I'll keep that in mind. I was doing the copy/paste thing for a long time, then I stopped since I was never losing any posts. Today was the first time in quite a while that occurred. I just posted to the same thread a semi-rewrite, did the copy-paste, and... it went through perfectly without clearing cache. I'll try clearing the cache anyway.

Since you're aware of it and it only happened the one time, I guess I'll mark this "solved". Thanks.

I've had that happen a few times. Now if I have anything substantial to submit I create it first in MarkDownPad, then copy/paste to Daniweb. A side benefit is you get to see how the post looks in the preview pane while you are composing.