Just had a post disappear. Have been ruminating about being nicer to people. heh heh. So spent over 10 minutes crafting a thoughtful reply to this thread:


Posted. Fine, saw it in all its glory. Moved on. Came back later and saw that it had disappeared. In addition, it seems the original post has changed - with what appears to be bbcode and broken links - this was not how it looked when I posted.

What happened - was the original post deleted and then re-posted??

Mightily p'd off. Serves me right for trying to be nicer. I knew it was a bad move. I should stick to what I know. Grrr.

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BTW - when I looked at Chrome History it gave me: https://www.daniweb.com/programming/web-development/threads/70612/how-can-i-pick-a-random-sixdigit-numbers-in-php

which I definitely didn't look at. It was immediately before I make a search to elucidate my response. Now my browser history (back button) takes me to that page too. Insane. I have no knowledge of that thread!!!

This is what comes of going against your nature. I shall do as I wil't from now on :(


Never go against your true nature. In your case, according to your post in another thread, your true nature is "fat bondage nurses". Embrace it.

You're not alone. I'm getting similar ads. On Daniweb no less. At first I tried to go back and figure out what I posted to be targeted by such ads, but then I just surrendered to it.


I love surrendering especially to fat bondage nurses ;)

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