When viewing the index page of the code snippet library, I usually find the title of the snippet the most useful description of what it does. However, the title is not emphasised, so it's not always easy to locate it.

By increasing the size of the font for the snippet title, it would decrease the amount of time spent searching (looking) for the title which is a good thing.

After the change, some titles would likely need multiple lines that didn't before, but there are some that already need the multiple lines and Mozilla at least doesn't expand the box for them.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

I've made a couple of contributions, and I sometimes have a hard time finding something I know I've written. Yeah, it's partly laziness, but it takes me a wee bit to figure out convention and reconfigure my brain to find something I know is there... Something about the bubbly oranges and other colors that just doesn't click for me immediately. I don't know about the average code sponge who ambles on in.

It's kind of an overall site thing that I've never really mentioned. It doesn't bug me, but my eyes don't find what I'm looking for right off. It would be better if I could describe it better than, "it doesn't work great for me" -- but that's me.

I second the opinion. Maybe increasing the font a bit would really be *nice* but still if not many people experience this then its better left as it is.

All in all, increasing the font size is definately an improvement to this forum.