Hello all,

I am doing business in California. I am selling home theater, plasma TV and all. I know something about online marketing. Please suggest me how to increase the traffic and increase the sell through online. I am basically doing business in California. So, right now i want to sell my products in California.
Please suggest me how to increase my business?
Waiting for all your valuable suggestion.

Thanks and regards

What you need to do is go to all the sites that have related site to yours and try to link exchange or partner with them. Also submit to directory

Also you should buy text links to increase your backlinks which will help you increase backlinks. You can also try to sell on ebay and such.

There is a great program called PR Prowler that will cut your search time down. You can do searchs by keywords and use PR setting for the type of sites you wish to exchange links with. It cost around $100.00 but it list the sites and the contact information for the sites web designer or owner.

Its very simple to use and well worth the $100 for the time you will save.

You can download it at www.prprowler.com

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