More news about Edge. It appears this change will allow Chrome Add-ons. Very strange news give MSFT and GOOG relationships.

Yeah, but macs have really been strong lately. Microsoft has been losing a lot of market share to Apple, so teaming up with Google to deliver a product that hasn't been their strength at all can be a win for them. Both MS and Google have been competing with Apple in different markets for a very long time now, both with Google smart phones, Windows vs OS X, and the browser market against Safari.

Apple laptops were great but recently their hardware issues such as the butterfly keyboard and a terrible design flaw have me no longer telling folk to go for Apple laptops if they can. may not seem to be all that terrible but when I was involved in embedded system design this was a thing we never did for the reasons you see in the video.

Today with so many stories of taking an Apple in for repair and what happens next is why I don't give the nod anymore. is an example where the store missed what it really was and quoted 1,200 for new board when it was a bent pin on a cable.

Apple appears to be working hard to impede other repair options.

The move by Microsoft to adopt a Chromium-powered version of Edge isn't all good news though. I penned an article last week around this, looking at the potential security implications of a move towards a browser monoculture. Tim Callan, who was part of the team that developed extended validation certificates sums it up when he says "in the certificate space, this monoculture could lessen the influence of many important voices" talking about the likes the IEFT and CA/Browser governance on the interoperability requirements for public PKI mechanisms such as TLS certificates, for example. Interesting times for sure, whether they are necessarily good times is a very different matter.

Just read the other day that Microsoft is almost as much as worth as Apple, so they obviously are doing something somewhere good again. Not sure where, but somewhere :)

If you don't mind please clarify your problem.

I think there was a bug that has been pseudo-solved on page 1, and now on page 2 of this thread, people are just discussing the browser wars.