When I retired in 2008 after carrying a cell phone for years on standby for our control centre I swore I would never get another cell phone.

I was wrong.

It took ten years but I finally broke down and got a SpeakOut pay-as-you-go FiGO Ultra. It's got everything I was looking for except for one small thing. It didn't come with an e-book reader. There are a number of free e-book readers available on teh Chrome store but a number of them stream ads. Can anyone suggest a free e-book reader for Android that does not stream ads? The only format it has to support is epub. Fortunately, epub is an open format so this shouldn't be a problem. I can convert any format to epub.

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There's probable a Reddit for that. -> https://www.reddit.com/r/androidapps/comments/627zrl/can_you_guys_advice_me_a_good_ebook_reader/

I tried Lithium and didn't see and adverts.

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