My wife got a VeryfitPro fitness monitor for Christmas. I have the app loaded on my Android (6) phone and was hoping to install a companion app on my Windows 10 laptop but the only thing available is to install an Android emulator on Windows 10 then load the phone app into that. I did a google search and found a list of the 7 best emulators. The list was

  1. BlueStacks
  2. Remix OS Player
  3. Droid4x
  4. MEmu
  5. Nox Player
  6. AMIDuOS
  7. Windroy

I tried Bluestacks and ended up at an online poker site.

Remix resulted in This site can’t be reached

Droid4x gave me Failed to load page content

At this point I was sensing a pattern so perhaps soneone out there can recommend a decent and free emulator.

I don't know if this will work for you. It's rather large and has more than just the emulator. I use the emulator in Android Studio. Maybe someone has it "all on its own" but I haven't searched for that. If I was to search I think it would be this one:

I do want to comment that miscreants have hijacked common searches so you look for a thing and end up at other sites, malware sites or worse.

I have favorite apps like VLC Player but when folk tell me they looked for such they got malware. PITR.

Well, I installed Android Studio and it does not include an emulator.

Looks like that option is far more complex than I need. The first step was to run

emulator -list-avds

to list the available AVDS. My list came up empty. However, emulator -help game me a list of 200 or so options and switches. While I would like to run an emulator, am not willing to invest several weeks in figuring this out. Thanks anyway. I'll spend my time figuring out the VerifyFitPro for which there is almost zero documentation (thatincludes the Android App as well).

I would have likely been fired if I gave my users a custom app with the instructions "You f##king figure it out.

But I'm not bitter.

I use the Android Developer system and only had to setup the emulator one time using some menu in Android Studio. Once you get it setup in AS you should be good to go. I have no tutorial on this handy.

I followed the install procedure and it failed to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable so the advmanager.bat file wouldn't work. using some menu in Android Studio is too vague to help (I apologize if I sound ungrateful) and when I fired up AS to start hunting through menu items it just sat ther spinning with "Waiting for build to finish" even though I haven't tried to build anything.

Sorry that I don't have a tutorial on this one. While I do work on Android apps in AS and use the emulator I did have to be patient as the system finished setting up.

All of us at the office use this one. Good, bad or indifferent we use it. I went so far as to install Intel's accelerators to the emulator and it's very usable. The only thing that I wish it could do is better Bluetooth emualation. That is, if your PC has a Bluetooth system the emulator doesn't use it so you have an emulator with something missing. Our apps use SPP (serial port profile) on Android so 99% of the time we have a real Android target over USB.

I uninstalled then reinstalled AS and started a new project with the bare minimum interface. At least I now have a tools -> virtual device manager option so I'll work with that for a while.

You have the bona fide official emulator now. I wish it was easier.

I wish everything was easier ^_^

commented: It runs on VirtualBox within Windows (or Linux, etc). You can set it up to mimic various Android devices. Plus...install Gapps. +0