Comparing a discussion with the home page. When I see the Home Page, top and center of each card is the member who did something such as Viewed, Gave Reputation, Endorsed and so on.

Now you head to a discussion and who wrote this? Example at
The author is nowhere in sight. I could be wrong but I could not find the post's author. Replies are formatted well so you know who replied and when, but something is truly strange with the original post there.

Reviews are slightly better like but if a post's author is going to swap from bottom to top at least it should show ih the google map discussion.

Should the author/poster show in the google map discussion?
I'm also guessing Unhnd_Exception is a non-member character (NPC).

I'm wondering if the code snippet post in question is authorless because the original poster quit DaniWeb with the nuclear option? It's a five year old snippet, so it must be something to do with the transition from old system to new? As I say, only guessing, but this snippet from a member who isn't active anymore but is still a member shows author name at the end of the posting in same way as reviews/news.

Thanks happygeek.

In the review I linked to, pages down we get to about the author. Same for working snippets. Maybe for the snippets that have no author, that will just have to be a mystery contributor.

In this discussion you see the author up top just like any paper byline.
In the reviews and snippets it's at the bottom but that fails as replies kick in so you may fly past the author.

I'm marking this as solved even though I found it odd to see posts with no one gettiing their attribution or what appears to be a NPC.


Sorry for the confusion. Code snippets and editorial have the byline, including a complete About the Author bio, beneath the post, which is in line with what sites such as Sitepoint and Stack Overflow do.

I've gone ahead and corrected the bug where deleted members have no byline at all. Now, the username of the deleted member shows, although there is no link to their profile and no complete bio or post signature. You can now see who submitted that code snippet.

What's an NPC?

commented: A non-player character (NPC) is a video game character that is controlled by the game's artificial intelligence (AI) rather than by a gamer. (the web) +0

Sorry, I’m not sure what you’re referring to? We don’t have any bots or AI-powered members?

In a discussion there was a "member called Unhnd_Exception. My bet is this is something other than a member.

It's likely just what the code coughs up when something happened other than return the member name. I'd be guessing here. So I called it a NPC. Unhnd_Exception also has 216 points!

My view is that I found it odd to have a different format for the review and I did scroll past the author. The author puts in effort to make the review so the entire point here is get them their byline front and center and if the review adds a full bio at the bottom, that's great.

Hey, what you have works, just odd to me. The Home Page? Still not getting it, always hitting lastest.

Oooh. Yes, the guy gave himself the username Unhnd_Exception. Then he deleted his membership, so that’s why his profile is inaccessible. Keep in mind an entire website was named Stack Overflow.

If someone has a full bio, I think that About the Author is kinda hard to miss. And, if they didn’t take the time to provide a bio, then perhaps they just don’t care all that much about bylines.

I like the nick "Unhnd_Exception." Too bad we lost him (unless he was a headache).