Where is the section to post code snippets?

It's still there but unnecessarily difficult to post in. Start by going to the programming area. Right underneath "Start New Discussion" and "Realtime Chat" you'ss some tabs labeled "ALL New Solved Unanswered More v". Click on "More v" and "Code Snippets" is at the bottom.

Start by making a regular post. Put the text (no code) in the post and post it. Then you have to edit the post and change "Topic Type" to code snippet. At that point you'll be presented with two text boxes: one for the post text and another for the code snippet.

Awkward, indeed.

Goodness, it's not that complicated!!

  • Click the Contribute link to start a new thread (e.g. https://www.daniweb.com/programming/4/contribute)
  • Click the link right below the header that says "You are starting a Discussion Thread. Need to do something else instead?"
  • Use the dropdown to select Code Snippet instead of Discussion Thread
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riahc3, wer eyou able to get it figured out?