Hello, I would like to introduce myself and share a bit of information about the new API we are developing.

The product was just launched in February and is in the beginning phase. I would highly appreciate any kind of comment or advice when it comes to improving the development or advertising of this product.
My name is Milica and product is called Publitio.

Publitio attempts to take the pain out of the Media Asset Management (MAM) process by easing common tasks used by the majority of web & mobile apps, such as media files uploading, storage, processing, and delivery, thus saving development time, reducing costs and making a life of developers easier.
Publitio Dashboard and REST API come with a convenient way for uploading and storage of media files. We support a wide range of file types for both images & videos, up to 5GB in size. Every uploaded file is getting stored and backed up on our back-end (built on top of AWS S3 and Azure Blob) so you can rest assured your files will be available when needed.

Media processing includes everything from image & video transformations, manipulations, conversion (transcoding) between formats, up to watermarking, etc. Publitio URL-Based API allows on-the-fly processing of both images & videos, that is so simple to use - you get transformed file just by changing extension or few option parameters in the file URL.

Publitio has a built-in media player that can empower your videos & images by instantly publishing them on any device. It comes with ads support (VAST & Google IMA ad tags) so you can even monetize your media assets along the way. It works by calling the /file/player API path that returns formatted HTML code with both player and prepared media for playback. See the Publitio Player in action.

When it comes to media assets delivery, Publitio infrastructure is built ground-up to scale: it can handle hundreds of millions of requests by design. We partner with Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS to ensure that your images & videos will be always available, optimized (for both mobile & desktop end-viewers) and delivered at the best speed via our global networks of servers and CDNs.

These are few potential use cases of Publitio Image & Video Management Platform. We have made it pretty easy to connect your back-end with Publitio REST & URL-Based APIs.

Please check out our platform and provide us with a feedback.
Thank you!


I am Bivhab Sarker. I am a student and SEO expert. I am studying in EEE at World University Of Bangladesh. I have a lot of interest in computer and football. I want to be an SEO expert.

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