does anyone ever flag thir threads as solved? i'm getting tired of going into a thread to try and help only to find that its been solved and not been marked solved.
is it just me, or does this irritate others too?
please mark your threads solved when thy are solved :/
maybe daniweb should have something to enforce this, like marking down their rep power or whatever

Agreed. Please mark your threads as solved when they are, folks.

That said, we have noticed that more and more people are doing this across the site of late...

It should be noted that there are also many threads on DaniWeb that take on the form of ongoing discussions, and what I don't want to do is turn DaniWeb into a bug ticket system. Therefore, the 'solved' link is meant as an aid when browsing the site, and a deterrent to resurrecting threads that have already been solved, but can't be any more than just that.

Yes, marking solved thread as solved certainly saves the time one spends browsing it.

Maybe the mods could go through and mark some of the threads as solved, if they are solved and not marked so... b/c I have also seen some older threads that do not appear to be solved, but they actually are.. or someone has offered a solution, and the person never responded back... Those can be a bit annoying..

Sometimes I mark them solved if the OP clearly indicates he has received the help he was looking for. Otherwise I let it go because I don't know if its solved or not. And I don't normally bother to read threads that have not had any posts for over a couple days or so. I don't think its worth the effort or my time to read through a bunch of old threads just to see if I can mark them solved.

hmm, maybe a time based auto cut off period for inactivity on posts marked as help with the first aid icon would be a good start? as help threads are definately time related.

looking at that other thread, marking the forum as read wouldn't work for me, i don't have much time to read as i spend maybe 12 hours a day learning on my server and tweaking and learning more and... you get the picture. i am sure others feel this too, we do want to get round to reading the posts, especially the ones asking for help, but, and especially if your new here, we can't allways do that in one sitting. plus i glean usefull info from old threads because they might be doing back then what i am dong now. so marking the forum as read would kill my 3am fun :-D

i don't know if this will work for all newcomers, but it's what i am currently doing, i changed the settings to cut off the threads based on date to a few days, then when i've been through all the threads, i'll extend the cut off point a bit further and so on till i get to the forum default :)

I UNMARKED two threads which had been marked "solved" when the nasties came back.

And I'm not marking my thread on the annoying "code" watermark as "solved" until it is GONE.