Last year World Cyber Games brought us a television reality show that crowned the best all-around video gamer WCG’s Ultimate Gamer . Tonight WCG UG Season 2 starts on SyFy and promises bigger challenges, a faster pace, new games and more drama. The winner gets $100,000 cash, a complete Samsung electronics package (any technogeek’s dream), an Alienware Aurora gaming PC and a chance to represent the WCG at gaming events around the world. Each week the players will face-off in a range of video games and real-life challenges while living together in a secluded pen in Los Angeles. Games and game-inspired real-life challenges draw from today’s hottest titles such as Wii Sports Resort , Mario Kart Wii , NHL 2010 , Tekken 6 , Forza 3 , WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 .

The contestants are selected from auditions held all over the country. These folks are as diverse as it gets but all have one thing in common, the love for video games.

This season’s contestants are:
Yaz Ammari (aka clowN) – 24 years old, owns a tow truck company, mainly plays Counter-Strike
Vanessa Arteaga (aka Vanessa) – 24, office clerk, plays fighting games, best at Dead or Alive
Ryan Burnett (aka I RyBu I) – 24, FedEx driver, Rock Band his favorite
Sebastian Burton (aka Chosen1) – 19, food service associate, Madden NFL eAthlete
Kay Gunn (aka III Mystik III) – 21, GameStop advisor, plays Call of Duty: MW2
Mike LaBelle (aka Michs09) – 20, student, FIFA soccer player
Faye Mata (aka PrincessAura) – 21, pre-Med model & actress, plays it all
AJ Mazur (aka Hatperson) – 25, media researcher & internet video guru, likes rhythm games like BeatMania and Rock Band
Caesar Noriega (aka CDN The 3rd) – 27, driver for a meal program, Gears of War specialist
Jake Pfister (aka Thirstee) – 23, student, multiple genre title-holder
Rachel Quirico (aka Seltzer) – 22, hostess/secretary, blows away the guys in Team Fortress 2
Justin Wong (aka JWong) – 24, Pro Gamer (yes that’s his profession), arguably the best fighting gamer around (Street Fighter champ)

The stakes are even higher this season as the final two contestants will face off for the title at the 10th anniversary WCG 2010 Grand Final competition and taking place at the L.A. Convention Center from September 30th to October 3rd 2010.

The show’s second season premieres tonight at 11pm EST (10pm CST) on SyFy channel . If you are one of the many who will be watching feel free to comment, speculate and discuss the show below.

Season 2 trailer: