i have run 2 nic cards in an assortment of computers. the reason is that the server is unix based & the router modem for the web only has a command base interface for router settings. so we decided that the second nic card will be used for a p2p network via a 16 port switch. Well this system has worked succesfully for years. I just did the same thing recently to a dell computer. The problem I have is that if both cards are active i cannot get on to the web. one card has static ip in the 10.0.0.xx w/submask, while the card for the web is dchp enabled its ip range is 192.168.254.xxx. if i type the url of the router status page it get there but no further. The other nic card only has to be plugged into an active hub or switch(no computer attached) to keep me from reaching the web. as soon as i un plug the cat5 cable fron the switch or hub my internet access is there. Once in a while they both may work together but more often then not the internet connection will be terminated. I run 7 other computers in this same configuration with no problems they are on a p2p network and some have w95, w98 & xp pro as the o/s. i have one last thing to investigate, i noticed that both nics have the same irq assigned, could this be the problem

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2 NICs sharing the same IRQ could be problematic. Try moving one of the NICs to another PCI slot; that might force a reallocation of IRQs on the PCI bus.

If it's a UNIX-based machine, try turning off Plug-n-Play OS in the BIOS, too. Sometimes, that helps to allocate IRQs to cards.

just for those takeing notes. i did an ipconfig and noticed that there wasn't a gateway assigned the dynamic ip address. scince i knew the gateway to the router i decided to add that in the nic card tcp/ip configuration. it appears to have done the trick. i never had to do this with any other of the computers in the network set up the same way. any thoughts?

What type of router is it?

Regardless of whether you get it through DHCP or Static, it should work. It sounds like the router just plain won't give your system a default gateway via DHCP. As to why, who knows? At least it works statically... ;)

hello.read this doc if u wanted to use 2 nic (network internet card) in one pc.when i say -[[{integrated nic}]]-, it's your build-in nic and newly installed nic is the nic you've just inserted in your pci slot. after that, when i say -[[{integrated nic}]]-, it means look at the icon in your NETWORK CONNECTION folder.You can see, -[[{integrated nic}]]-
(brand) plus newly installed nic (brand) usually marked as Local Area Connection and Local Area Connection 2.

1-Open your CPU cover and install the 2nd network card.winxp will automatically install it's driver.

2-connect cat5 from modem to -[[{integrated nic}]]- (built-in your pc)

3-connect a cat5 cable from the 2nd nic to router.

-hardware part is done-
Open Network Connection Folder.right click the two computer icon next to your pc clock

(bottom-right) and choose the menu.

4.remove all ip in both nic card.(set to auto) including dns server.(open network connection, d/click Local Area Connection>>properties>>internet protocol TCP/IP.empty everything and set it to Obtain an IP address automatically.click OK, then OK.

5.right click -[[{integrated nic}]]- icon and choose sharing enable (and also to enable/disable internet).

6.-[[{integrated nic}]]- will be given auto ip.

7.newly installed nic will have ip of cool.. leave it alone.no need to put gateway or anything.mask will be leave it alone!

8.set -[[{integrated nic}]]- ip to your given ip (broad band ip, for example: mask gateway
8.1.gateway = and (note:all sample are for Schoolnet project in Malaysia).

9.newly broadband router/modem will have default ip as, etc. depends on the manufacturer.

10.if this is the case, set ip to auto.connect to router and configure it as what u're supposed to do (given ip).

hope this helps :) kl30something(remove)at(remove)yahoo(remove)dot(remove)com

i have 2 nic cards installed (1 for internet the other for lan)in my server running on win 7 with 6 other computers connected to a switch. How do i configure my two nic cards so that the other 6 computers can how acess to the internet

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