Hi folks!
I got a little network to build I need your help :)
First of all, I got 1 PC (with WiFi and Lan card) and Laptop with same kind of devices.
PC is using WiFi card to connect to ISP. Laptop cant use same network because I got only one login and password assigned to mac address of PC's WiFi.
I know that best way is to connect PC and laptop with crossover Lan cable, but I don't have one at the movement.
What I got is netgear calbe modem and router that I got from my former ISP.
Could I build network with this router and 2 Lan(not crossover!) cables, and
share internet connection form PC with Laptop?
There is a Windows XP Pro on both computers.
Please advice how to do this.

Best regards


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Update - Router that I got is netgear wgr614 v7, and it's wifi router, so maybe I could connect this router via lan cable to PC with internet and share connection via WiFi instead of using cable, could you advise how to manage that?

Best regards


plug the pc and laptop to the router, make sure they are connected.(ipconfig)
i'm not gonna tell all steps, but on the pc, go to the adapter list folder(can't think of what it called right now)or device manager. select both adapters at the same time, then right-click them. choose 'bridge connections'...now you should be able to share internet using ICS...but there is still more to do before it will work....

Thanks Skilly for your reply.
Well, I did it other way. PC that has WiFi card connected to ISP has been connected via
Lan card router to ISP socket. Quick config router's WiFi and network and I got my laptop connected via WiFi. Internet is working on both. But here is another thing:
I cant share files between them.
They both have same workgroup name.
Both have shared folders, networks config set to share files and printers, I can ping them each other - well, I can ping addresses in their network, for ie. I cant ping PC's WiFi card form laptop. I cant find them in the network places/work group even that name is the same.
Please advise.

Best regards

one way would be to open the 'tools' menu from a folder's menu, select
'folder options' then 'view' tab
at bottom of list uncheck 'use sharing wizard' or 'use simple sharing'

for this to work, your usernames must have passwords set

even with unchecked simple sharing it's not working ;(
beside I've turned off firewall on router and system ones and still nothing ;(

i'm sure you don't need to take down the firewalls, though.
maybe you should see if you can use remote desktop

This didn't help either. But I just realized something
in TCP/IP of lan card settings on PC I am not using auto addressing
but I have typed - if I set it to auto options
laptop wont have internet connection, does it matter?
is this a good trace/call? ;)
hope somebody can help me with that ;)

to see webpages, your network card must have DHCP & DNS addresses set in there.
usually putting the router's ip will solve this, but i'm starting to lose track of
your questions, so just keep trying stuff and you'll figure it out eventually:)

Grako, to share files on your LAN setup, you need to create a small home or office network between your pc and laptop. You realy do not need internet connection to do this. Just make sure your pc and laptop runs on different ip's (no conflic) and go to Network and set it up from there.

You are starting to confuse me. Do you want to share internet or share files. Both are different things. Sharing files like what Kraai said can create a private network so those who have the password can enter the network and within it, you can share files between laptops. Sharing internet is a different thing. It means one computer sharing internet access with another so both computers can access the internet. From the previous posts, you seem to be sharing files not internet. So which do you want?

he wants both, jingda

Both, that means he need to use different methods. First let's start with the private network. Create a private network and tell us whether it works and see whether you can share files. if cannot we will help you with it, after sharing files is solved. We will help you with the internet problem. Best of luck.

Well, I have to reply for few posts here
- I'd love to share both - internet and files (internet is solved!)
- There is no IP conflict - well PC info WiFi card - , Lan card - , Laptops WiFi card - gateway
but...if I go to page www.whatsmyip.com it showes on both '' which is actually IP address of my ISP
And I have created network by wizard in win xp, at the end I got 4 options - to save setting to floppy disk, or use ms win cd, well, I'v just finished wizard and do same settings on second computer. Dont know why still can share my files :/

update - I just got 3rd laptop(my girlfriends), and after I set it to same network and workgroup ... this one appeared on my laptop(but mine not on hers - she uses Vista), now question is - is it because my desktop and laptop(now 2 of them) are beyond router? I mean, I talked about that before - My desktop PC has a WiFi card connected on USB, this card provides whole internet to my home - this desktop PC has a lan card that is connected to router that gives signal for other devices (I got 5 sockets on the router 1 for source of internet and this one is connected to desktop, and 4 sockets for users and WiFi), both laptops are using WiFi of this router and desktop is connected as a source, may this cause a problem with sharing files?

Your setup looks fine, for internet. To "share" some folders between your desktop and laptop, you have to enable the folder that you want to share as "share this folder to anyone on the network"

PS. An IP address as you described above, is your pc or laptop internal LAN ip address, and the one at whatismyip is your ISP assigned IP address.

The default gateway is the number assigned to your router ; server ; or modem.

"To "share" some folders between your desktop and laptop, you have to enable the folder that you want to share as "share this folder to anyone on the network" - thats one of the first things I've done - to have access to shared folders computers must see each other first.
IP addresses - well PC has 2 - WiFi card that is connected to ISP and lan card that is connected to router source socket. WiFi is , lan is the one set manually), laptops WiFi(connected to router as a client) - if I go to web page 'whatismyip.com' i got on both computers(my ISP)
I think the reason why is like that is because my PC is before router and laptop beyond. And I got something in the end - software called filezilla works pretty god, well its just ftp protocol, I'd prefer to use explorer

OKay, lets see now.

You say:

1. PC is connected to a WIFI card, and that is the source of your internet. I presume here that your ISP is a WISP. (Wireless ISP) and not a cable.

2. Then you have a router, connected to the LAN card of your pc.

3. Then you have a laptop that connects to the router.

You need to change above configuration to be able to use your LAN (the router in this case) to share files, as follows:

1. Connect your internet source (the wireless card thing) to your router(LAN) at the internet port.

2. Connect your pc to the one of the open ports of the router.

3. Your laptop connects already to the router wireles, or you can also use another cable to connect to another open port on the router if wireless gives trouble.

Yes points 1-3 are correct ;)
Unfortunately I cant connect my WiFi card - it's a USB stick,and intenet port on router is lan socket - that's why my network is built via PC

I got 5 sockets on the router 1 for source of internet and this one is connected to desktop,

I think the above is your problem. Connect your pc to one of the 4 LAN ports, not to the internet socket, and see if that helps.

well, after that move I got no internet on my laptop and led IP of the router is now off ;(
and still cant share files

ok :) we got progress :) now I can see computers each other :), but I cant explore them - even that I shared some folders - I got msg :You might have no permission to use network devices. Contact the administrator of the server ..." and I dont have internet connection on laptop, could you advise?

Did you allow on your desktop in the internet connections properties to "Allow other network users to connect via this computer to the internet" ?

We sort the internet problem first, then the Access problem

yes, and second option is checked 'allow other network users to disable and control...

on the laptop in internet connection i can see wifi card of my pc! there is a time of connection, packets, name of card etc, but even that is not working ;(

Is your laptop set to receive ip address automatically?

Can you do an ipconfig from your desktop, and see what is the default gateway of the desktop, your laptop default gateway must be the same, as that is the path to the internet.

default gateway of my isp is (on wifi from latop to router was and after this change still cant ping anything and icon of connection to interent(info about my wifi card connected to pc) desapired from network connections on laptop

so I have a internet connection at the moment :) I've set address of laptop wifi as (ip) (mask) gw( and DNS(!that was important!) as got that form my desktop)
so now I got internet on the wifi :)
last problem is sharing ;)
I can see computers each other in my network places, but while i am clicking to explore i got msg ' ...is not accessible. You might have no premonition to use this network resources. Contact the administrator of this server..."
any clue how to get rid of that ? :)

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