Hi, My name is vbjenny. I have a CIS degree and spend a lot of time working with the business community creating reporting tools. As you can probably tell by my name vbjenny, my area of expertise is in VBA specifically in Excel. But the vb also stands for Volleyball. I play volleyball every weekend with my girl friends.

I am very comfortable creating business tools with VBA, but have decided to branch out and try my hand at creating web sites. so I'm new to HTML, mysql & PHP and the whole concept of collecting user data in databases for mailing lists & autoresponders. I think the internet is fascinating and I have a lot to learn

I have 2 grown daughters and 3 grandsons :)


Welcome to Daniweb vbjenny! :)

Hello and Welcome to Daniweb

Glad that you could join us!

Welcome To Daniweb vbJenny :)

welcome vbjenny hope to enjoy and helped by me or thim