Hello all,

My name is Ronica and with various nick names that start with Ron being the most used. I'm from SA in Durbs, and just recently started exploring the Daniweb site, which may I add has a wealth of information, but I don't have enough time to read them.

I am currently still studying towards a degree correspondent, therefore I'm not going anywhere, so it seems. I am not in my field of study as yet as I don't have any experience and no company will consider me unless I have a degree and some 2 to 5 years experience, so therein lies my current problem. However, I work for the council at the procurement department, which has helped a great deal with understanding certain aspects of how the council or government works.

My hobbies, besides used to programming (but I need something with some difficulty and time), is electronics. I built a robot from the UK Real Robots subscription, then I broke it down again, so got to start with that again. What can I say, I'm my father's daughter, one side he builds, one side he breaks, so it seems hereditary. I like electronic stuff, building electronic equipment, so now that I broke down my cybot again, I will start again, by drawing the circuitry of how each board works and figure what allows the robot to move, and hopefully build my own walking robot, yes I know its been all over the world, that's the thing about living in SA, we not too involved in the science and electronics arena. My favourite sports are tennis, volleyball, and maybe golf, but an all round sport person, as long as it involves some heavy activity, except soccer, my legs just do not allow the dribble. I also like astronomy or anything to do with astronomy. There was a time I was still deciding which way to go - computer science or astronomy, guess computer science won in the end.

I'm a star trek, stargate, star wars fan. I have a thing about the stars, so it seems. I like all science fiction tv programs, movies, also like Oddysey 5, and farscape and any program involves action, comedy like National Security, then again all Marin Lawrence movies are just too funny, at least the ones I've watched, and also Rush Hour 1,2,3. I'm also a horror fan. The unknown like X-Files, Outer Limits, The Surface. I would love to get the Star Trek original series, they show it on Go!, I don't got Go!.

At the moment I only know some C++, Java and Visual Basic programming. Considering learning some .NET since its the in thing in the job search. I am by no means as good as most of you guys, but with some help from you, maybe I'll get there. I recently got introduced to game development, and have not had the opportunity to play any cool games. I am also technically inclined, however, not too much, I just know the basics. I'm not like most of you guys, who've had ancient PCs and break and made new things with it. I never had any computer older than a Pentium 2.

Food, my favourite topic, I just love cooking, experimenting with new ideas. My favourite types of food is pasta, I can do all kinds of variation with pasta and all kinds of pasta. Oh, I am a vegetarian.

Music, I mostly listen to only hindi music, whatever English music I like are the old ones, can't remember names of song, but like Michael Bolton, the song All 4 One, One 4 all from the movie Three Musketeers, there are some others, but I can't remember now. I mostly watch Zee-TV, those serials are sometimes interesting, but not all of them.

Well, that's me for now.


Welcome, Ron!

Great Introduction!

Welcome to DaniWeb, Ron. Nice and lovely intro. Looking forward towards you.