Name: GSpyder
Nickname: G
Height: Tall enough to ride the roller coaster
Weight: Not polite to ask a lady
Hair: Really? Um..BLonde.
Eyes: Blue
Location: CO
Age: Old enuf Buster!
Hobbies: Learning everything I can!, Reading, writing, drawing, creating websites for fun, some blogging. Sleeping is good too.

Relationship Status: Married--I live in a zoo. :)

Fav Music: Anything just about...Dont care for noise

Education: BS Info Tech, BA Bus Mgt, LOTS of misc classes,
In progress: Certificate in Network Security &
Certificate in Unix Administration.

Work: Sadly, currently unemployed (see above--educ in progress)

Favorite Food: Yes please.

Favorite Movies: Just about anything...Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama,

Favorite TV Shows: United States of Tara, Torchwood, Dr. Who, Primeaval, Smallville, SupernaturalDocumentary, Reality Shows

What else do you want to know? Just ask..I might tell you if it isnt too personal. :)

Ancient Dragon commented: Nice Introduction :) +36

Welcome Spyder,

You have one of the best intros.

Welcome to DaniWeb. Location: Do you mean Colorado USA? We have a lot of non-Americans here and CO doesn't mean much to them.

>>Relationship Status: Married--I live in a zoo.
Maybe you should think about sleeping in separate bedrooms from now on :)

Hi! :) Debasisdas & ancient Dragon!
Thanks for the replies!
I live in Colorful Colorad-USA (and I will remember that I have a WORLD of new friends now. >>grin<< ).

I really am new some of the IT world. Obviously I know enough about web stuff to make webistes and I have experiance with Help Desk..I am VERY VERY new to Unix/Linux for sure. :)

We do have a California King but the dogs sleep up there and we get a very very small corner of it! LOL

Have a grrrreat week! (what is left of it, that is!)

I am VERY VERY new to Unix/Linux for sure.

best way is just to tinker, really. Try and set up a home network or something (LAMP stack, automated backups, windows networking using samba, etc....) and you will probably learn lots along the way...

Grab a copy of VirtualBox if you dont have a physical machine to play around on. Also if your training has some red-hat oriented elements, it may be beneficial to google for something called CentOS

Welcome by the way!