Hello All,
I'm a new member to your community here and I hope that, in time, I can leave more value than I take. Here are a few things about me:

35 years old - Male
Married with 2 children under 3
Self-employed since 2000
Passionate about studying American History, Self Improvement, Servant Leadership, Marketing, Political Theory, and Cultural Behavior.

I am getting ready to launch a new online business and have been having problems with certain aspects of it.

This is my first online venture and am struggling to learn and adapt to the "techie" language and operational aspects of ecommerce websites, social networking, and computer troubleshooting.

I look forward to "meeting" many of you and hope that I may be able to assist some of you also!!

welcome to the forum, and nice to meet u! Hope u could enjoy the stay!

And wish your two babies healthy and happy!