Hi everyone!

Forum Name: NordCoder
Age: 21
Country: Denmark

I'm a hobbyist game programmer with experience in TI-BASIC (for the advanced calculators), JASS/vJASS (Warcraft III scripting language), C++ and SDL.

My current project is a game framework made using C++/SDL that will be the base for my second game: A pong clone.

Reason for joining:
Well, I like helping people as well as receiving some :). Also, I have recently spent more time getting various IDE's to do what I want them to do (Code::Blocks and atm VC++). I have already posted a thread in the C++ section, so feel free to post your advice/help.

I look forward to whatever the future will bring in this community!

- NordCoder

Welcome to the community!
Nice to meet Ya! And have fun with us all!

Welcome And best wishes from vineeth ..
So you are a game programmer ...nice i am trying to become a game developer [ game assets development !! ].
Have a nice day ....
(Warcraft III scripting language) ??

Thanks a lot guys! :icon_cheesygrin:

Blizzard has a scripting language that comes with the World Editor. You can read more about it here. vJASS is a language extention of sorts, developed by users and not by Blizzard, which introduces some object-oriented concepts. If you are interested in learning it, this is a good forum to start with.

Thanks man .... Thanks a lot .....
Actually i am interested in learning...
You know one thing really i am a Blizzard manic hehehehehe ...
I like their all games and i have full collection of their games ....

welcome to the board! Good day!
Have fun posting and learning!

@ Vineeth K: Well, if you go to the site I posted and go to: Forum Home and under the 'World Editor Help' select the subforum 'Tutorials and Resources', that should get you started. Feel free to pm me with questions or use the forums available at the site. Have fun ;)

@ johnvitc: Thanks! ^^