Hi everyone.

I have been an IT pro for over 15 years and have occasionally got some good tips here so I thought I'd join and maybe give something back in the future.

I am 38 years old this year and am married with 2 boys. My house is full of laptops, PCs and various half built machines much to my wife's disgust and everyone always rings me when they need tech help, again much to her.. you get the point!

See ya around the place.

Please don't take offense! We ARE all geeks here aren't we? Let's be honest! I used to fight it but am now quite proud of it!! lol.

eh, forget about it.

i'm not really smart enough to be a geek. i'm mostly a dork. just ask my wife ;)

haha. I won't even go there. My wife calls me all sorts of things I definitely am NOT proud to admit!! lol.