I am retired - help many different jobs in my life....mostly accounting type positions or something to do with numbers, balancing, budgets, etc. I have intermediate knowledge of computers, mostly self taught. I am by far NOT a computer geek. Computers changed too fast for me to keep up. I live in TX in the winter and WI in the summer....just about ready to leave for summer 2010. I look forward to using this forum for research and answers to different questions I may have.

Hi Flydonna,
Welcome to Daniweb, you are experience will definitely help us in so many things.

Hello fly welcome to this forum ,I am new too, this is my first posting and I am sorry I introduced my self here because I difficult to find place where I could make my own introductory post

You guys must be miracle workers. I have done nothing but cuss at my computers and post my problem to DANI. Last night my site came back on both computers. So, either my friends don't really check this site daily and they THOUGHT it was working, or there are gremlins in my computer trying to drive me crazy! Happy to say - my problem is not a problem any more, but I'm glad I've found this site.

Hi Flydonna, nice to meet you :D
You too Weber444

Hi flydonna,

Welcome to this forum and enjoy here...