Hello everybody here,am just a new person to this forum.i hope to have wonderful stay here.

My name is Ifeanyi Omego
Height: 5'8"
Weight: moderate
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Location: NG
Age: 33
Hobbies: Sports, Internet browsing,interaction

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Music: Rap, pop,Rock and almost everything else

Education: Sudied marketing, and now internet marketer and dating/relationship adviser,and am going for my computer programing soon.

Favorite TV Shows: Any comedy.

Favorite Sports Teams: Manchester united.

Favorite Video games: all 3D Shooters

Programming Languages:

Dis-likes: dishonesty,deceit,

Likes: I like to let people know what i have already known,and always eager to learn new things.

Welcome to Daniweb Ifeanyi. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here with us.

Thanks too Andre,i hope so too from the things am seeing here
.please let me know what you do best so that we can help each other

Hello I can kind of tell you are West African. This is an assumptions. We have something in common. We are both new and we have ties to west africa. :]

Hello Kaylee,its nice to hear that we have something in common from Africa,hope to know more about u,thanks