I'm new to Daniweb and am taking Davey's advice of introducing myself to the community.

I'm a Java man. I've worked in enterprise arenas as well as the small solution centers. I'm proficient in EJB (2 and 3), am a big fan of standards (JPA over Hibernate) and love technology in general. I've worked mainly in the web discipline over the past 5 years in industries ranging from medical, transportation, online bidding and online advertising. I've been an engineer for.. about 10 years I guess. I'm currently the Solutions Architect at a small company that is RAPIDLY growing and the CTO of a company some friends and I recently started.

I came here looking for in-depth knowledge on the JAI libraries, as I'm getting my virgin feet very wet, very fast as I build an image proxy to resize and cache client images. The world of images is such a... place of opportunity, we'll say ;)

I am here, nice to meet you.

Welcome to Daniweb.:)

We'll see you around the java forums...