When one upgrades windows vista to windows 7 does it allow you to keep Windows Mail?
Windows Mail is the email program that comes with Windows Vista. It was the replacement to Outlook Express. I want to know if it is possible to keep windows mail if you are a Vista user , and
all of its emails, mail rules and settings if one upgrades Vista to 7.

Not sure about that. I have never tried that before. See this link. I think Microsoft have offered some help to backup your email contact. You can take a look at the link and see whether it works.

When you upgrade to Windows 7 your Windows Mail will no longer work.
You can, from what I understand, upgrade to Windows Live Mail now and it will import your Windows Mail data.
You will have to copy and restore
the folder C:\Users\username\Contacts after your upgrade to Windows 7.

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The best option is to backup your email list, inbox and whatever you had in Windows Mail... Once you do, upgrade your vista to seven and check whether it still there and run normally. If it doesn't, just restore all the things you just backed up...

Consider this a self test method. Try first and learn. It won't hurt if you have backed up all necessary files.

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