Sorry for not posting this when I enrolled last month or so; I was really in a hurry.
About me: While I am new to DW, I'm not new to computing: I am retired from a career in computer programming. I loved it from the first moment at IBM when I understood what a computer is, and knew that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am still doing it for me and those near and dear. While I was working, I never let anyone know that I knew those older computers, since there is always work for that, but no reward in learning something new.

I've done a bit of everything except embedded computing, but you know the saying: Jack of all trades, master of none.

Recent years (last 15) I've mothballed C and C++ and started doing Java and web work. Before retiring, I worked with JSP, Tomcat, Struts I, but missed Spring and Struts II. So far, I've not wanted to put forth the effort to learn them, though I've looked over their documents carefully.

Nowadays, I am trying to learn enough jQuery, and PHP to be useful in solving the tasks I undertake. The only thing notable I did recently was to find a way to make the Farbtastic Color Picker usable by appearing and disappearing so it takes up no screen real estate when not in use. It is posted on the jQuery forum under: "Taming the Farbtastic color-picker space problem".

I find that as I age I make more errors than before. Fortunately, we programmers are acutely aware of error and develop mechanisms to detect them quite early, so they often are not so pernicious as they might be, but it is still distressing and it slows me down a lot.

So that's it. Hello Community. Happy Computing.

Welcome to DaniWeb. I too retired from computer programming about 4 years ago because I was just getting too old to put up with all the stress that is involved. Let the younger people do it :)

We need experienced coders around here to help younger people with their problems,so feel free to answer all the threads you feel you are qualified to give your expert advice. Actually that's the reason I have such a high post count because I've spent some time to do just that.

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Welcome to Daniweb.:)

Actually that's the reason I have such a high post count because I've spent some time to do just that

WITH some bragging rights.;)