Hello there im a new member..

hello evert i am very happy to goin this forum....................

So kit005, it seems you are not really a new member after all. Why did you drop the EMP01616 account after maming 10 posts and then start another? Just curious...

Hello i have 3 accounts now in daniweb.. cause everytime i logout and sign in for another day I just cant comment or edit my post or simply i cant add new articles..why??? im the kit and emp01616.. i just wonder why..? please i just want to know the answer..

Hmmm .... that's very strange. What happens when you try?

hmm theres a pop up message "sorry your not allowed to do that.."

Well, you just managed to post ... Where are you trying to add new articles?

On php.. Or i just want to comment on my last articles or simpy reply.. And thats it every time i did theres sorry your not allowed to do that..

From the gizz00 account, right now?

say hello to all of you. XD

HOW are you.
I m New member this forum

Hello All,
I am new too this forum. Hope this gonna be wonderful experience. Thanks!