I recently bought a palit nvidia geforce 620 graphics card and im having trouble getting it to work. I plugged it intothe motherboard and the computer works but the graphics card fan spins realfast and is very loud. When i plug my power cable in however (pcle) the fan slows to a sensible speed and becomes quiet but the computer wont boot.
What am i doing wrong? I am a rookie so please dont expect me to know everything.

These graphics cards are very power hungry. Assuming your system still works when you remove the card, you need to verify that your power supply is adequate for the system + video card. If not, then you will experience the symptoms you are getting.

It says it needs 300w and I have a 520w psu. The computer works fine when it's not plugged into the psu.

Are you sure you are reading the requirement correctly? Does the Video card need a dedicated 300 watts for its own operation? There are some cards out there that need mega wattage just to run themselves. If this is the case, then that only leaves 220w for the rest of your computer to run off of. It would help us find the issue if you listed your loadout and the brand and model number of your vid card and PSU.

Thankyou for your help :) My cable was plugged into the integrated video and not the graphics card. Stupid mistake

LOL, we all make them from time to time!

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