I can't seem to turn on my new build pc, the power supply cords are connected to the motherboard but I can't seem to manage to get it to boot. I have a 650w psu so I don't think is a matter of power.
When I try to turn the pc on it doesn't make any kind of noise, to even a single beep, zero.

This is the specs:

Mother board Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3
Corsair Vengeance Blue 8 GB (2X4 GB) PC3-12800 1600mHz DDR3 240-Pin SDRAM Dual Channel
Intel Core i5-3570K Quad-Core Processor 3.4 GHz
Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower Computer Case

Altough im a litte bit confused about the color order for the front panel connecters, I connected them according to the color order that indicates in the board, but still it doesn't power up.

Any tips?

I think you will should check after removing anything you have installed to the board! Inc memory modules bareboard is what you are after apart from the CPU plus H/sink/Fan
1) The Motherboard diagram for what exactly the connectors pins are pay attention to the 'PWR' connector
2) If you have a 'spare' microswitch try connecting it to the board PWR connection as suggested above.
3) Check to ensure you have the Main power connector in the right way around and the 12V auxilary power connector in and ditto the right way around.
4) If possible check the PSU, use an older one (big enough to power the board) if available or get the PSU checked to make sure it is working PSU correctly PSU checkers are about £24
5) Check the board out of the case resting on the original box NOT the bag(!) it came in. Its got to be plugged in as was in the case, use the power switch connector. It is a balancing trick! to get the components in the right place.
6) Are there any teltales LEDs on the board some do some don't have them. Do they light up.
7)Take the M/board back if possible and get them to check it?

Thanks for the tips

I've already tested the PSU in another board and it worked without any problems, it powered up normally so it's not PSU issue.

Here are some pictures I took of how im connecting the frontal connectors, I connected according to the diagram brennyt posted, but it still not booting at all.


Any tips of what im connecting wrong?

take a picture of your whole motherboard so we can take a look

Hello again, i managed to power up the pc, but now it reboots endlessly, it won't even go into the BIOS, after i turn it on, after a few seconds it restarts and this goes on a loop.

I also noted that the cpu fan wont' spin when I turn on the pc, it kinda looks that is about to start spinning but then it stops.

Might be some kinda of short maybe? any tips?

You need to make sure the CPU fan is connected! You will be/may have cooked the Processor. :-(( Test the Fan! Work simple and smart, remove anything connected to the Motherboard NB NB NB before you do make sure you which way around it connects and what and where it connects to. Make simple drawing and anotate where Pin 1 is and what cable you have connected to it. Take pictures! but make sure you can see the markings on the board. the one you have taken is good but the connector markings are 'flashed ' out. Make sure you have the (right) Motherboard connection diagram for the board.

OK done all that? Now reset the BIOS/CMOS you will have to check where the reset is and check to make sure you use the correct method, in the correct sequence. Some are just 'short pin1x to pin2x, some are fit jumper to 2x and 3x pins, turn the power on wait 5 sec turn of un jumper pins, return the jumper to pins 1x 2x. some have no pins at all a little switch (old) or two solder mounds to short across

Does the PC speaker work? has it got one? Does it make any noises, beeps. if it does write sequence down and look it up under beep codes, check which manufactures BIOS as some of the codes differ.

hi, i had a similar problem recently and i eventually solved it by removing the motherboard and re-screwing in the screws and standoffs in there correct positions. it turns out i put too many stand offs under the board and it was causing the board to short.

hope this helps?

even one out of place standoff or screw might cause this to happen..i remember the fan would start for a second then stop...sounds just like my problem. i even stupidly brought a new power supply thinking it was damaged!

My HP PC won't start up.

I have removed the motherboard and refixed it but it doesn't solve the problem.

The CPU FAN usually start slows but it will later will started runing very fast.

My HP PC won't start up.

I have removed the motherboard and refixed it but it doesn't solve the problem.

The CPU FAN usually start slows but it will later will started runing very fast.

It is not unusual for the iCore Intel CPU's cooling fan to run slow upon initial startup,
until the motherboard sends it's first beep to the onboard speaker to signify full power is available.
The process usually takes a few seconds.

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