Hey everyone! I'm looking forward to being a part of the community. I'll answer questions when I can, and I'll be posting questions for you 'gurus' out there that can shed some light on problems that I encounter.

Recently I've been getting more into responsive design on the WordPress platform. I have a few eCommerce projects under my belt using custom code, Avactis, and Jigoshop.

I'm really loving using Catalyst recently. I guess I'm still considered a 'newbie' with it, but it is awesome!


Hello and welcome.

Welcome tomparker!

Welcome welcome! You sound like someone who could tackle my questions - and maybe even a good candidate for the questions in my own introduction ;) Thanks for introducing yourself!

Thanks mayobrains! Welcome to you too! I checked out your profile, your short bio is pretty cool! I'll check out your intro in a few.