Hi fellow forum go-ers,

Just a quick intro, my name is Jennie Amerman, and i hail from CA. I'm currently trying to start an online business and have been online continuously for 3 months now( just kidding, but my husband fully believes it, hes starting to get cranky for lack of attention...) in the pursuit of the most lucrative way to go about this.

I am looking for something that has substance and potential. Any suggestions? For the record, I dont have any passionate niche interests, my tastes are varied and I dont have any one "hobby" that I feel would make for a good website subject. I started out on line with a Plug in Profit Site from Stone Evans, "the home biz" guy, but after spending some time on the internet, feel that there are too many home business sites that are too similar. I still have my website however( www.profit-jen-eration.com) if anyone wants to check it out. I've also been looking into and trying some affiliate marketing and arbitrage betting.

Anyway, I'm also having a good time and feel passionately that working from home on the internet is the right direction for me, so I have patience. I'd be happy to exchange ideas with any community members who may be in the same boat, or anyone else who has some positive input for me.

Happy to be a new member of the forum, Jen

Sulley's Boo commented: cute baby pic ;) .. welcome to Daniweb +2

Hi Jen- welcome to Daniweb. :)

It's good to see another Bay Area resident join our party :mrgreen: