python 3.7

Hey im very new to programming and just made my first program. My goal is to have a program that checks user name and pass with a few other tricks as you should see in the program. unfortunatly the feature after login is having some trouble. It is supposed to check the input and see if its in the range and give some feedback but it just isnt working right. i would appresheat it if yall could take a look.
P.S. i apolagize for my spelling never been one of my strong suits.

No code yet here but let's hope there is no password in the clear stored in your database. That was taught in classrooms for years (decades?) and has proven to be at the root of a lot of data leaks.

Sorry. here is the code (see attachment)

These are examples of the bad methods you used to see in school. There are many articles about passwords today so I can't guess if this will be exposed to the world or not.

What I want you to understand is this is OK for a prototype but never to be released or used as a learning tool about user and password systems. Just last week another breach in a Smarthome system where they didn't salt the user and password database.

The Orvibo incident went one step further when it comes to diluting the security value of MD5 hashing: the passwords and reset codes were hashed but not salted. By adding a unique value, or salt, to the end of every password before hashing you produce a different hash value. This additional security layer is vital if you want to protect against a brute force attack that tries every known alphanumeric combination until the password is revealed.

oh i understand that this is never how a user and pass system should be applied, and i am just using this as a way for me to practice my code as i am learning it. and on that im not sure why my if, else statments are not properly combining for my tempeture input and responce.

Here is the updated code that should be simpaler but still returent with too cold wether the value is too far above or too far below the given range.

So I took the next step and put your 67 lines of code into and it didn't get past line 1.

As such I can't see what you are seeing and must wait for some valid code.

Thanks Grant. I entered in the root and toor username+password and it seems to work.

In your top post you wrote "some trouble" but here it worked so you'll have to detail how to break it.

Oh yeah sorry, the problem is the responce to the tempeture imputs after login. too low works but high temputures readout low somtimes and '9' reads out as okay when the lowwest alowed is '81' highest '99'

i removed the quotes to see if that would help and i got this error message
"TypeError: '<' not supported between instances of 'str' and 'int' "

yup that totaly fixed my problem!
all i did was replace temp = input()
with temp = int(input())
thank you!!

commented: Please mark as solved if this is done. And thanks for working the issue as above. Some demand "just fix my code." +0