Hi there. I run a small IT consulting firm that's just getting off the ground now. I'll be managing somewhere between 10 to 20 mobile systems, all with internet connectivity .Because of this I've been looking for a good remote access program; I looked at a few including gotoassist and logmein, and right now I'm leaning towards the latter. I was wondering if anyone here had had any experience with IT Reach, and what you had to say about it.


I honestly think logmein is the best out there. You might want to use logmein pro though. but its not up to me.

I've been using logmein for about 3 months now to manage the 30+ machines that I support as of yet I haven't found any probs with it.

I'm using Techinline Remote Desktop (www.techinline.com) and at $30 a month for unlimited use, it's a steal! First of all, there is absolutely no installation required and you are not tied to any computer since it runs through the web-browser. Another feature which is neat is the ability to share control of your own desktop with the client: sometimes this comes in handy when I want to demo something on my desktop rather than theirs. Although overall the service does not have as many features as LogMeIn, I find it to be the perfect solution for my needs

Logmein is good. Anyway, there are more choices to choose from and of course money matters count.

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