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Just wondering whats the difference between a Programmer and a Developer?


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A programmer is nothing but a coder , He just codes accordingly to the specification or design . Whereas a developer developes the software/module from understanding the requirement, then design the solution,code it and then test the same.

" Its Good to be a developer then a programmer"
--Its better to be a fox head then to be a lions tail :cool: ----

These days the term 'Programmer' and 'Developer' is been used inter-changeably.

Here is the difference between programmer and developer...

One who write codes and do some amount of documentation and maintanence.

Developer: One who does analysis, design, implementation, coding, testing , maintanence and documentation.

>Just wondering whats the difference between a Programmer and a Developer?
The difference is how you label them. In theory a programmer doesn't do any of the designing for a project; he's strictly a code monkey. A developer is active in all stages of the development of software. In reality they're both the same thing unless you work at a huge conglomerate that breaks teams down into the tiniest units.

True. The difference appears when the project is TOO large and has to be divided into sections like graphics, sound, logic etc. There is a lead programmer for each section and there are coders that work under them. Ultmately, all the lead programmers are selected by the designer, who visualizes the entire project as a single entity. Otherwise for minor projects, these are similiar terms.

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