So Firefox 3.0b2 was released and though I'm constantly cringing since my add-ons obviously don't work yet I must say I am very pleased. There is a noticeable difference in the amount of memory being used, I've been using it all day long and I have yet to see it break 70MB.

There are some new features like the site info button (clicking on the favicon of the site) which compiles all of the information like how many times you've visited the site, if there are any cookies or any saved passwords and allowing you to access the controls right from there.
Additionally, there are separate tabs for RSS feeds on the site and site-specific permissions.

Though the download manager has been updated with a search box my much loved "Clean Up" button has gone by the wayside. The ability to restore your session in case of an accident has been overhauled and now you have the option to save your session any time you close the window (which like most other features can be toggled).

Bookmarks, now made a bit easier with a star icon right in the address bar, are ever more easily organized with tagging. Also, as stated in the release notes, there is an added feature for protocol handling so you can personally customize actions like mailto: (though I have not been able to find this much anticipated feature)

There are a lot more features but those are some of the ones I've found most interesting with the new release, so how do you guys/gals like the new features?

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I always compile the head (current code tree) off thier SVN for linux and i like the way its going.

I still use Firefox I am so out-of-date.

gota love firefox is the best about!!

I like the new mini-history thing that pops up when you type in the address bar. The text is bigger and it has a more firendly look to it on a whole. Otherwise in terms of my usage, nothing else has changed.

As always, firefox continues to impress, i'm still usinig the stable version though, should upgrade...

Did you find any specifics that are different about extension development. A big part of one of our projects is toolbar button integration. Haven't tested it yet in 3 beta so I'm not sure how backward compatible they are. Anybody found anything interesting so far?

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