Google now allows people to bid on shares of their IPO:
Has anyone bid? I really want to! Think it's a good investment? Right now we're talking the low to mid $100-somethings per share.

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I think its fantastic for the Google employees who have stock options. But to buy a share at, say $130, you are gambling that it will go UP by enough to be worthwhile. So, how much is that? Say you invest in 100 shares at $130 for $13,000. Will the stock jump to $200? $150? $100? It seems like as big a gamble as any other stock.

I'd invest money that I could afford to lose.

Hee hee by the way I have a bunch of stock options in my company that are currently worthless, but maybe we'll IPO in a year or so and they'll be worth something.

It's all a gamble!

well, I bet they'll split at least 2x in the next 3 years. Then you'll have 400 shares, lol.

IF you want to be perfectly safe, wait 'till I buy some then look for the big drop. When I sell jump in, the stock will rocket and you'll make a fortune overnight. I think I should be able to sell this service. :)

This is called trading. If its coordinated or if you have multiple online user IDs
and perform this yourself its called pumping and dumping. I remember hearing about a 13 year old online trader making about 300K before he was caught a few years back. I dunno what you would call it if ya sold it.. ..hmm

It is all a gamble but there is also limited predictability. Stocks tend to move up on the NASDAQ in the first 30 minutes in the morning. Then a little around lunch. Even if the market is down you can still make dough.
make your points and get out. set your lower sell limits as soon as you buy in order to minimize loss. Research your techniques for a while before you even think about making a trade. Dont forget fees and taxes.. always with the taxes.. capital gains on what you make. If you're brave and leave it in the market at closing you get to paly with uncle sams money in the morning.

"If you can walk away from a blackjack table and youre up every time, play the market. If you cant, stay away untill you can."

I learned my lesson the hard way at Turning Stone about 6 years ago..
..up about 1800 bones in blackjack and should have called it a night.
I told myself "What do I care if I loose this, Its the house's money?"
I couldn't have been more wrong; once you win it, its yours. When you loose,
its not.

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