I'm a new member...just signed up five minutes ago. I was wondering if there were any comuter programmers out there who would like to hepl me get started. I am young (still in high school) but would like to get a head start on what I hope to make a future of. BUt the problem is...I have no clue as to where to start. So can someone point me in the right dirction?? Thanks.

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Do you have some idea what area of computer science/programming you are interested in? In general, preparation for a career in programming calls for study in math, science, and good communication skills. As to learning programming, don't be overly concerned about a particular language - what you learn to do programming in one language carries over to most others (LISP excluded ;))

Do you have programming/computer science courses available in your school at a nearby university? Take advantage of them as early as you can. Is there a business nearby with programmers that you could visit?

Read, read, read. Then code, code, code.

Once you start writing something, make use of the appropriate forum here to get advice on specific problems you encounter, or topics that give you trouble. Be prepared to show your work, and ask specific questions.


well I love math and recently have discovered a new light in science. but my high school doesnt offer computer science courses...thats why I'm turning to the internet for a possible way of learning it.

And I was hoping to find a resource to a book or tutorial that would help me get started..in any language. Ive searched and searched but to no avail. Any suggestions there??

Hi ,
what i can suggest you is concentrate on your basics.
I mean be strong in fundamental concepts. Since you r interested in computers, learn the C programming concepts properly. Then go for any thing, which will look easier.

I guess its good to start with an easy programming language like VB, just to give you the hang of things, VB's codes are very HL and easy to learn, using the object browser in vb and the countless number of step by step tutorials online to do various things, you can get quite good at VB...

you need to have an IT related subjet or major in college and I assure you, you wil not regret it.
Nowadays IT jobs are widening and more IT persons are needed, you wont have to worry earning money, BIG money if you know technology very well, I myself know and enjoying the benefits of being an IT person myself. I dont need to worry about money anymore since I started as a Technical support representative for DSL.

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