hi out there! can some pliz assist me in knowing the basic steps in using java to develop a system, say a project

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It's just like any other language and environment. You know Java, design the software, and build it using Java. You're going to have to be a lot more specific when asking a question.

If you need to know the basic steps then it's probably too soon to start a large project. I would suggest getting a book (Learning Java by Knudsen and Niemeyer [o'reilly publisher] is a good start) and learning the basics.

java is fun, easier than C++ that's all :D

commented: Java is also great because it works on all operating systems, just like anal sex works on all genders. +12

hi guys.am quiet good in vb6 but want to progress to the .NET version of it.However,cant find the tutorials column to be active.Any help out there guys?thanks for the response to the java quest.am glad.

There’s an overwhelming amount of platforms and libraries out there. As for Java, from Sun you have Java ME (micro addition, like if you were developing for pdas), Java SE – standard and EE – enterprise. Honestly, I don’t know the specific differences between the libraries. There’s much more outside of that, unfortunately I don’t know of any central place to look like CPAN for perl or MSDN for ms stuff. (I lean to the Microsoft side, the equivalents there would be the .net compact framework (like j me) and the .net framework – you can easily see what is available in the library on MSDN (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa388745(vs.85).aspx)

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