All of a sudden my version of the Vanbasco karaoke software stopped playing. The karaoke software appears to work fine (it shows varying volume levels in the Output monitor.

The Windows media player and other software works fine thru the speakers, so it must be a software setting or something similar. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Vanbasco software, and still no luck. Yes, I've checked the volume control setting, and it is OK, and other sounds from other programs work fine.

Any ideas or recommendations?

Well, I solved my own problem. Seems that somehow I (or some program) set the volume control for "SW Synth" to off. Raised it back up, and all is OK again. Whew!

this is funny you solve your own problem...

but id like to thank you because i almost freak out when this happened to me in the middle of my set. Im a singer and im using vanbasco.

Thought twas virus that made it but anyway doesnt matter now. You helped me a lot posting this!.

Thank You and Happy Holidays! Goodluck.

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