I have been in IT for 22 years and have seen many changes.
While contracting for a company in London I encountered a server running Windows 2003 running very slowly. It was a key server for the company and had been designed by a specialist.
I ran a Microsoft SQL Server Bench Test against my laptop and got 550 writes per second. - So a server should get better results right? Wrong! This server achieved 150 writes per second. In fact many of the servers I tested gave the same poor results. These were new off the shelf servers.
After some investigation I increased the performance of the same server to 5500 writes per second. This is a 2800% performance increase. 28x ... more is possible!
There are many ways to increase the PC or Server's performance. - If you have a web server then delivering the data 5x faster and reducing the load on the internet into the bargin is a brilliant move! Increasing the server performance by 28x and delivering the data 5x faster gives results 140x (14000%) faster. - This is by just addressing 2 bottlenecks ... but there are more! Can you see the bigger picture?



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