I have been having some serious problems with my PC over the past week or so.

Please have a look at this thread which will explain my initial problem: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread167352.html

After replacing the power supply, which appeared to be causing the problem my PC seemed to work again. I backed up all my data incase anything happened again. My computer stayed on for about 12 hours doing this. That was yesterday, and today I turned my computer on again and it has died again :( and won't turn back on - not even for a milisecond like it did before.

I am starting to think it isn't the power supply that is the main problem. Anybody got any ideas? I would really appreciate your support on this. I don't post many problems on Daniweb (and contribute to other alot) but this one has really got me!

My ideas are:

  • The PC could have blown the power supply but I don't know why it would do that all of a sudden?
  • Something may be overheating but nothing feels hot when I open it up, so could something on the motherboard be sending a false message?
  • Could the new power supply be completely faulty and blown the power supply connection to the motherboard?

This is my PC's spec:

* Pentium 4 - 3.6ghz (with hyperthreading)
* 4 Gig of ram
* two 200gb hard disks
* DVD writer and Cd Writer (2 drives)
* Creative Audigy 2 Platinum sound card
* Nvidia 6600GT graphics card
* Power Suppy: Suntek st350bkp
* It's running Windows XP media center (although it doesn't get that far before the problem starts).

Thank you in advance.

12 hrs ,must have a lot of data 1
it is written that a power supply going bad can and does do damage to the motherboard ,i guess like overheating the board by pushing to much power through it ,playing havoc on capacitors and the like ! check board for leaky and or popping capacitors

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